South African Krugerrand Gold,
22 karat, One Ounce 



 .916 or 22 karats

Fine Gold Content:
31.1033 grams or
1 Troy Ounce

Total Weight:
33.933 grams or
1.0909 Troy Ounce

32.6 mm

 Years Minted:
1967 to 1986

Once banned from sale within the United States due to the apartheid practices of the South African government at the time, the South African Krugerrand One Ounce Gold Coin is probably the most widely held gold bullion coin in the world. Due to the abundance of gold for minting from local South African mines, the "Kruger" has always been the least expensive sovereign-mint gold coin. Historically, the premium over spot gold for the Gold Krugerrand, One Ounce, has been in the low 2% range, but with solvency issues in Europe since 2007, most of the Rand Refinery's annual production of Gold Krugerrands never makes it to the United States and are sold closer to South Africa. While Krugerrands are not a consistent inventory item for WCM's distributors based upon supply, they are available from time to time in respectable quantities at varying pricing.

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