Perth Mint Gold Bullion Bar, 1 Ounce, 24 karat


Perth Mint Gold Bullion Bar, 1 Ounce, IngotCard w/ Assay Certificate on Reverse



 .9999 or 24-Karat Gold

Fine Gold Content:
31.1033 grams or
1.0 Troy Ounce

"CertiCard" Surround

PERTH MINT, Australia

Comex Approved Refiner
Registered / Assayed

The defacto sovereign mint of Australia, the Perth Mint has a worldwide reputation for quality and purity in its gold bullion products.  This 24 karat One Ounce Gold Bullion Bar from the Perth Mint is one of the most economical ways to purchase a very high-quality ounce of gold.  Currently at around 2.4% over spot for WCM's delivered price, this CertiCard packaged gold bar is a superb way to build a nest egg of golden insurance.  When the purity is the highest at .9999 AND the pricing premium over spot one of the lowest, it is a bullion product that is hard to beat.

Reverse of CertiCard


Perth Mint Gold Bar, One Ounce, 24 karat, Reverse