American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 karat,
One Ounce ($50)

American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 kt., One Ounce, Obverse

 .9999 or 24 karat

Fine Gold Content:
31.1033 grams or
1 Troy Ounce

Total Weight:
31.1033 grams or
1.000 Troy Ounce


First Year Minted:

Images taken thru Tite-Pak plastic packaging from U.S. Mint

The 24-karat "sister" gold bullion coin to the 22-karat Gold Eagle from the U.S. Mint, the American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin, One Ounce, duplicates the design found on the now-famous Fraser Nickel from 1913 origin. The pure gold coins come from the U.S. Mint in sheets of 20 coins, and distributors have become quite skilled at cutting individual coin squares from these sheets. Production levels of American Buffalo gold coins have been somewhat sporadic since late 2008 when demand spiked due to the Financial Panic; total production levels from the Mint remain relatively low at this junction. However, WCM is able to offer the American Buffalo Gold Coin, One Ounce, at the same premium over spot as the American Eagle gold coin, when most, if not all bullion dealers charge a higher premium for this particular U.S. Mint gold coin.

American BUFFALO Gold Coin, 24 kt., One Ounce, Reverse