90% Junk Silver Bags, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars
( $1,000 and $500 Face Value )


90 Percent Silver Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime, pre-1965

1946 to 1964

90 Percent Silver Winged Mercury Dime, pre-1965

1916 to 1945

90 Percent Silver George Washington Quarter, pre-1965

1932 to 1964

90 Percent Silver Standing Liberty Quarter, pre-1965

1916 to 1930

90 Percent Silver Kennedy Half Dollar, pre-1965

1964 Only

90 Percent Silver Ben Franklin Half Dollar, pre-1965

1948 to 1963

90 Percent Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, pre-1965

1916 to 1947

90 Percent Junk Silver Bag, shown with coins

Barber Series U.S. Dimes, Quarters, & Half Dollars that where minted between 1892 and 1916 are not shown due to the very low possibility that any will be found in a modern bag of 90% Junk Silver.



 .900 Silver

Fine Silver Content:
22.239 kilograms or
715 Troy Ounces

Total Weight:
54.5 Pounds (Normal)

4,000 Quarters or
10,000 Dimes or
2,000 Half-Dollars

Mintage Dates:
Prior to 1965

Traditionally, the cheapest way to purchase silver, but investors must remember that there is a fixed supply of 90% Junk Silver, pre-1965 U.S. coinage in the world today. As a result, wholesale premiums will change rapidly in the bullion market due to shortages or surpluses in distributors' warehouses on a weekly basis. In early 2013, we found ourselves in this very scarcity situation, and premiums literally doubled and tripled at the wholesale level for these Bags of 90% Junk Silver, All Dimes or All Quarters. Also, of note, is the fact that many bags of 90% Junk Silver were smelted during the Hunt Brothers induced silver surge in the early 1980's, so there is probably less supply of this silver bullion product than many investors realize. Investors should also realize that these 90% Junk Silver Bags have existed for at least three decades now, so that the possibility that numismatic-quality U.S. coinage will still be contained within a bag is quite low. The bags have been "cherry-picked" for well-preserved U.S. coins long ago. The investor is purchasing the bags for their silver content, which if smelted they would yield 715 troy ounces of pure .999 Silver and approximately 72 ounces of copper. A very economical way to buy silver, but one has to be aware of the volatility in ask and bid pricing due to 90% Junk Silver Bags having a fixed supply in the market without any chance of new supply coming forward. New supply, at least today, can come forward to ease pricing pressures on any other WCM bullion product.

Bullion Dealer's Note:  WCM can often get Full and Half Bags of 90% Silver, ALL HALF DOLLARS, at the same premium over melt value as quoted for Bags of All Dimes and All Quarters.